ARTI MATRIX by Cavalor

Supplement for bones, tendons and cartilage. 

Cavalor Arti Matrix meets the increased nutrient requirements of the motor apparatus of sport horses that are subjected to intense activity. Improves joint suppleness. 

Practical studies have shown that Cavalor Arti Matrix improves joint disorders and emerging hoof problems because :

1. It provides the necessary nutrients for the joints and synovial fluid.

2. Thanks to the optimal composition of the ingredients, the nutrients can be transported to the joints in an efficient way.

3. It stimulates the horse's resistance so that it is more resistant to autoimmune reactions.

Tax included

Cavalor Arti Matrix is also used for :

- horses with a vulnerable musculoskeletal system.

- horses that have to make intense efforts.

- horses with a nutritional deficiency or with insufficient absorption and/or assimilation of nutrients. 

Add to the normal daily ration for at least 4 weeks:

Ponies: 30gr / day

Horses: 45 gr / day

May increase with physical activity - Maximum per horse: 90 gr / day 

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