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  • €17.99

    Belpolon leather grease

    Belpolon leather grease

    Classic is the versatile product

    ideal for maintaining your leather.

    It keeps the leather soft, the

    protects from water and

    tears, nourishes the leather and

    extends the life of your

    leather articles. The grease is

    made of pine resin

    natural and penetrates

    deep in leather. The

    fat is colourless, has a

    pleasant neutral smell and does not

    glue not after application.

  • €26.99

    Belpolon leather oil

    Belpolon leather oil is the ideal product to make your leather supple by nourishing it intensively.

    The oil is made from bone oil and mineral oils. It penetrates very quickly and deeply into the leather, dries evenly and does not stick afterwards. After application, the treated leather can also be polished.

    The ideal product to make and keep the flexibility of your rigid leather 

  • €13.99

    Belpolon saddle soap

    Belpolon saddle soap

    is the ideal product for

    thoroughly clean the

    leather products. The soap of

    saddle is composed of soap

    glycerin, Belgian soap

    artisanal and oil

    natural. It has a scent

    very nice orange and

    will nourish the leather during the


    Perfectly fits the

    Stool cleaning, bridles,

    harness, riding boots,

    jackets, bags (travel),

    leather clothing and covers


  • €10.99

    horsehair brush BELPO

    The horsehair brush is the ideal product to finish the

    cleaning process with Belpo products. Thanks to its fine hair and

    soft, the brush ensures a perfectly polished result. (19cm long)

  • Leather Care Kit
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    Leather Care Kit

    Leather Care Kit

    Belpo is the perfect pouch

    to maintain your products in

    leather. With grease for

    Belpolon leather (50ml), soap

    for stool (75ml), soap

    stool fluid (250ml), one

    silk brush (19cm) and a

    sponge, this kit has everything

    to maintain and treat your

    leather products with

    top quality products.

    Ideal for presenting the

    Belpo products or as


  • €11.99

    Liquid Saddle Soap BELPO

    Liquid Saddle Soap

    Belpolon is the ideal product

    to quickly clean the

    leather and at the same time for the

    feed. The product, is based

    Belpolon leather oil and

    traditional Belgian soap. It

    therefore perfectly suited to

    a quick use on the

    saddles, harness of horses,

    the straps, the boots

    riding and many

    other articles of leather. It dries

    very quickly and

    evenly and leaves the leather

    fed and clean.

  • €4.49

    rub-in brush BELPO

    The rub-in brush is a convenient brush to combine with the products

    Belpo. Thanks to its fine pork hair brush, it can

    easily apply the products in all corners and seams.

  • €4.99

    The pig hair brush BELPO

    The pig hair brush is the ideal product to remove sand, the

    earth and other dirt from leather articles. Thanks to its rigid hair, the

    brush is perfect for quickly removing large

    dirt from the seams and corners of leather articles. The brush holds

    well in hand. (19 cm long)