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  • €12.90

    andalusian stallion

    Only Andalusia on the breeding register can be considered as Pure Spanish Race (PRE).

    To be listed, a horse must be registered and approved. Approval is based on an examination of the horse, its gait and physical constitution

    14.1 x 5 x 11.5 cm

  • €12.90

    Criollo definitivo mare

    HA! Found! or not. Our mare Criollo Definitivo schleich® HORSE CLUB is a particularly calm and balanced breed.

    We can trust him. Even during the busiest bus journeys, she keeps control and skillfully jumps on the large composters.

    This horse gifted for show jumping probably has serenity in the blood. The great grassy plains in her country of origin, Argentina, no doubt appeased her when she was a foal.

    And braiding too! That’s why hers are so beautiful and perfect.  Want to go galloping?

    11.2 x 3.8 x 10.6 cm

  • €12.90

    frisian mare

    The Frisians are named after their country of origin, Dutch Friesland, and are among the oldest horse breeds in Europe.

    They have a typical black dress, a beautiful mane and a pretty tail. They also recognize themselves by their long baleen feet.

    The HORSE CLUB schleich® Frisian Mare baleen is decorated with braids, making it a unique collector’s item.

    12.6 x 3.4 x 11 cm

  • €12.90

    Icelandic mare

    A brilliant white coat, yes, but without a horn. Our Icelandic HORSE CLUB schleich® mare is often confused with a unicorn. But our graceful and clear horse comes from Iceland, not from the clouds. In the land of volcanoes, it can sometimes be very cold and sometimes very hot. His hair is thick in winter, and he loses it in summer. The mare then skillfully presents her different dresses by practicing the tölt or amble on the podium that is the dining room table. The other horses are stunned.

  • €14.90

    Player foal kit

    The HORSE CLUB schleich® player is equipped with a specially designed ball.

    It has a handle that the quarter horse can hold between its teeth. While playing, the foal confuses an adorable little hedgehog with the ball but quickly notices that it is spicy! Fortunately, no one gets hurt during this funny meeting, and they become friends.

    After working out, the foal drinks from the bottle and wraps himself in a blanket that keeps him warm.

    Contains:1 quarter horse foal, 1 ball with handle, 1 turquoise halter, 1 foal blanket, 1 hedgehog, 1 bottle

  • €12.90

    Stallion Mustang

    The Mustangs are also called "mestengos," a Spanish word for "vagabonds." These are domesticated horses that the Spanish brought to America by boat in the 16th century and then escaped. Having found enough food in the fertile pastures and fearing few natural enemies except the puma, they multiplied very quickly. They still live today in the wild in these areas. They are led by a courageous dominant stallion who protects his flock and is often the father of all foals.