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  • €14.90

    Camargue necklace

    Strong braided nylon collar

    With stainless steel buckles

    One full/cob size


  • €62.00

    Greenguard Anti-scratch Basket

    The Greenguard® basket is known for its strength and excellent value for money. It has preserved the health of hundreds and even thousands of horses for several years.

    Coming from the USA, it is one of the first models of baskets to have been studied and developed for the well being of our overweight equine friends. It is also the first to have been put on the European market.

    Since 2022, possibility to add a protective and/ or restrictive plate in the bottom of the basket

    It is light, strong, resistant and airy, ideal for horses who wear it H24

    It is available in several colors (on order)

    Now your horse can enjoy his life in the meadow and his friends without putting his health at risk

  • €9.00

    GreenGuard Basket Protectors

    Neoprene protections for basket tips GREENGUARD 

    With notch to pass the straps and ensure the proper support of the protection

    Size protections = basket size!! Unavailable for MINI baskets!

    Sold by 4: a pair for the front/ rear tips and a pair for left/ right

    Product available with different options
  • €14.00

    GreenGuard Protection Plate

    Compatible with recent basket models (after 2022) - Clip into the bottom of the basket

    The protective plate (soft classic): is softer than the basket. Preserves the horse’s teeth and the basket from premature wear.

    The protective and restrictive plate (soft diet): is softer than the basket. Preserves the horse’s teeth as well as the basket from premature wear. Reduced holes to increase the effectiveness of the device. Use reserved for horses who are used to carry the basket and whose health dictates it (advanced laminitis, etc.)

    Plate size = basket size!! Not available for MINI size baskets!! 

  • €2.50

    GreenGuard Replacement Lanyard

    Designed to break if the horse hangs, spare GREENGUARD basket straps are available piece by piece 

    For security reasons, it is strongly discouraged to fix your basket with links other than the straps provided for this purpose 

  • €9.90

    Kit of synthetic sheep

    Kit of 4 synthetic fur parts for unicorn

    Easy to put on and remove with scratches

  • €5.95

    Waldhausen Salon Fly...

    Basic fringed front with two-sided scratch closure for easy attachment to the halter.

    Polar lining for optimal comfort