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  • €11.95

    Animalintex Disinfectant...

    Impregnated with an antiseptic, the Animalintex cutting compress is a versatile dressing. Dry, it can be used as a compress, bandage or compression band.

    Used wet, it acts as a poultice. Hot, it treats abscesses, horns, ants, thorns... Cold, it is suitable for sprains, strains, bruises...

    Composition: tragacanth gum 6.02 g - boric acid 2.08 g

    Dimensions: 40 x 21 cm

  • €20.00


    Anim'O Clean is a hygiene and maintenance product for cages, poultry houses, stables, stables, pigeon houses, etc. Thanks to its formula, it:

    prevents the development of undesirable hosts;
    has a high absorption power of moisture and ammonia;
    reduces fly larvae; and
    has a 'good smell' effect thanks to the essential oils it contains.
    This product is 100% harmless to humans and animals.

  • €7.95


    Oil block

    Removes all animal hair from textiles (carpets, blankets, cushions, cars, ...)

    An essential to have, especially during moulting 

    Easy cleaning and maintenance with clear water

    12cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm

  • €10.00

    Handmade reusable wipes

    Ecological and economical wipes

    Handmade by a Belgian artisan

    Microfiber sponge and cotton

    Colours and motifs vary from one copy to another

    14x14cm, machine washable

  • €14.80

    Sapo helmets and bombs...

    Useful to maintain and protect oily leather, suede and nubuck from bad weather and stains.

    This Sapo renovator spray can nourish, waterproof and revive the colors of your equipment.

    How to use: Clean the article by brushing it before spraying the product 25 cm away. Impregnate then let dry without rubbing.

    It is advisable to test the treatment on a small surface upstream.

  • €1.60

    Sponge foam horse

    Sponge foam horse

  • €1.95

    Sponge horse multifunction...

    Multifunctional sponge shaped horse, fun and practical

    Various colours

    Dimensions: Width: 13 cm, Height: 11 cm, Depth: 3 cm

  • €0.95

    Waldhausen multifunctional...

    Multifunctional sponges, various colours

    Dimensions: L: 14 cm, H: 9.5 cm, L: 5 cm