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  • €59.90

    AiRide Covalliero raw...

    The Covalliero saddle mat is an ideal alternative to the saddle.

    Designed in memory foam and mesh, for optimal weight distribution of the rider and maximum comfort for the horse.

    Thanks to its anti-slip coating and its handle that offer a good hold, your outings will be in comfort and safety!

    Thin and light carpet to enjoy the sensations of the ride without the disadvantages (hair in the thighs, etc.)

    Easy water cleaning and quick drying

    Very light to not bother the horse, 50cm seat

    Side protectors for a better hold of the carpet but also ensure the maximum comfort of the horse during the practice

  • €12.90

    Strap sheath

    Soft synthetic fur strap sheath

    For sensitive horses

    Opening with scratches

    80cm long for 14 wide

    Machine washable at 30 degrees