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  • €20.00

    Ail semoulette Vital'Herbs

    Garlic has been known for centuries for its broad health benefits:

    - Traffic support

    - Increases resistance

    - Improves airway function

    - More energy and greater performance

    - Helps to combat external aggression

    - Natural repellent against flying pests

  • €28.00

    Anim'O Dren

    100% natural drainage, efficiency in respect of intestinal microbiota

    Eliminates waste and toxins from the whole body of the horse 

    To be used preventively mid-season (in spring and autumn), after a lower quality hay or, after taking medication for example, to boost metabolism

  • €20.00

    Anim'O Fer Lact

    Natural lactic ferments (pre and pro-biotiqes) to ensure the overall health of his companion

    Supplement to the daily ration, allows to assimilate to the maximum the vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements naturally present in the diet. Improves the general condition, boosts the digestive and immune system to be at the top of its physical and mental form.

    Suitable for all equines. Can be given throughout the year, no risk of overdose

    It is recommended to start with the maximum dose and then decrease OR to give a minimum daily dose and increase in anticipation of periods of competition/ heat/ etc

    2kg bucket, the perfect size for testing (50 to 100mg/day, minimum 10 days). Available on order in bucket of 4 or 12kg

  • €25.00

    Anim'O Selen-E

    Important contribution of selenium and vitamins E, both essential in the horse’s body

    If your horse nibbles on sand, dirt, or even licks the walls, he is most likely in need of selenium!

    In cure of 10 days maximum, then continue with the Anim'O Fer Lact for a tenfold effect

  • €37.95

    Biotin Waldhausen

    Can promote the formation and growth of fur, skin and horn. The active complex based on biotin, zinc and vitamin B6 can support the health of hooves in a targeted way and be particularly useful for horses with a predisposition to fragile hooves.

    Recommended amount: 10 g per day for horses (600 kg) / 5 g per day for small horses

    1 rounded spoon = approx. 10 g.

    Due to its much higher additive content than whole foods, do not give more than 100 g per day.

    Presentation: pellets


  • €56.00

    Biotine Forte Vital'Herbs

    For a healthy growth of the hoof and a quality of the horn, hair and hair improved thanks to biotin & MSM combined

    Biotin is an essential vitamin for the growth and good quality of hoof horn, in case of fragile, friable, brittle hooves

    In the form of vermicelli easy to distribute in the ration

    Contains copper and zinc that strengthens the assimilation of biotin, addition of brewer’s yeast for a balanced digestive flora and good absorption of nutrients

    Enhanced immunity thanks to zinc and vitamin D combined

    The plants distributed by Vital'Herbs are guaranteed non-irradiated, non-GMO, of human quality

  • €43.00

    Drainage Vital Herbs

    Natural drainage to evacuate toxins accumulated over time (drugs, bad hay, industrial food,...)

    Improves and supports the horse’s hepato-renal and digestive functions

    Overweight horses help to limit fat accumulation.

    Protects the liver of your horse

    For use in food poisoning with toxic plants such as acorns, groundnut, piglet

    Also helps to combat the engogement of the members

    Promotes circulation, shedding in autumn, optimizes metabolism, cleanses the body (emonctoires) of the horse in depth.

    Use once or twice a year in autumn and spring as needed by your equine

    Plants distributed by Vital'Herbs guaranteed non-irradiated and non-GMO and human quality

  • €35.00

    Harpagophytum liquid...

    Harpagophytum liquid meets the increased need for nutrients of the motor apparatus of sports horses subjected to intense activity

    Liquid version harpagophytum and selected plants, for a fast and targeted effect

    Supports joint quality and function and helps reduce pain

    Plants distributed by Vital'Herbs guaranteed non-irradiated and non-GMO and human quality

  • €40.50

    Harpagophytum pur Vital'Herbs

    Harpagophytum is known for its anti-inflammatory effect. Use to keep joints supple.

    Supports and preserves cartilage.

    Responds to the increased need for nutrients in the motor apparatus of sports horses subjected to intense activity.

    Supports the quality and function of joints and helps reduce pain.

    The plants distributed by Vital'Herbs are guaranteed non-irradiated, non-GMO and of human quality

    As a precaution, stopping the Harpagophytum 3 days before a competition, could contain traces of harpagosides.

  • €6.50

    Himalayan salt stone

    Natural salt licking stone

    Contains minerals and trace elements

    With hanging rope


    Hand-worked product, shape and appearance varies with each item

  • €43.00

    Itch'Away Vital Herbs

    Use in case of itching due to insect bites.

    Relieves tickling and sensitivity in the tail and mane.

    Itch Away supports circulation, contributes to better resistance and less hypersensitivity reactions.

    To use for a good maintenance of the health of your horse in the spring months.

    For an optimal effect, start with a drainage of 10 days, then follow with Itch Away from March to late October, or depending on the season.

    We use only human grade quality ingredients throughout our range

  • €7.95

    Likit Ice

    Refill for LIKIT supports and toys

    We can also put it in the manger!

    Composed of 100% Himalayan salt, which brings minerals and trace elements to your horse


  • €28.00

    Liquid electrolytes...

    Liquid electrolytes, quickly assimilated by the horse’s body. Based on marine extracts, all-natural products, great bioavailability. Recovery of the sport horse during major efforts.

    During any activity causing significant sweating and requiring an instant recharge in Electrolytes.

    Possible use during gestation, breastfeeding and for very young.

    Can be used immediately before, during and after a competition or Transport.

    Plants distributed by Vital'Herbs guaranteed non-irradiated and non-GMO and human quality

  • €35.00

    Metabo'Light Vital Herbs

    Metabo'Light is a 100% natural food supplement for overweight horses or ponies that can not lose despite a strict diet. It is also recommended to support equines, insulin-resistant donkeys, chronic fourbu and/ or affected by equine metabolic syndrome

    Overweight and/or obese horses

    Horses passing to the grass in spring

    Horses that have already had a laminitis crisis

    Affected horses with impaired endocrine system (Cushing/MHFA/EMS)

    In combination with a strict, cereal-free diet, CMV intake is desirable.

    It is strongly recommendedto perform herbal drainage for 15 days just before giving the Metabo'Light. Hepa clean 10 days or herbs drainage and laminitis 15 days.

  • €43.00

    Nice Mare Vital'Herbs

    Blend of 10 plants known for their positive action on ovarian pain 

    Nice Mare soothes mares in heat and regulates the cycle

    Also suitable for geldings with stallion behavior or too hot stallions.

  • €30.00

    Omega 3,6,9 Vital'Herbs

    Oil enriched with vitamin E and Omega 3, 6 and 9

    Strengthens the overall immune system, gives a beautiful coat and healthy skin

    Decreases inflammation in the body, promotes heart function, fights oxidative stress

    Excellent for foals and young horses. Improves the ovarian cycle of the mare

    Improves the digestibility of the ration, decreases gastric acidity

    Soothes the nervous system 

  • €59.00

    Probio'Horse Vital'Herbs

    Preparation of Probiotic and Prebiotic

    Following a chemical deworming, antibiotic treatment, hospitalization, taking cortisone, stressful conditions for the horse.

    Promotes the rehabilitation of the lean horse, having difficulty gaining weight.

    In case of diarrhea, gas, soft droppings.

    Improves digestibility and assimilation of the ration, stabilizing the intestinal flora.

    In the pregnant and lactating mare, with high needs, late gestation, early lactation, for the competition horse, by its reducing action of the effects of digestive stress.

    Improves intestinal pH, thus reducing the risk of subacute acidosis.

    To compensate for chronic disorders of colon function

    600MG with scoop - equivalent to 2 months of cure

  • €6.25

    Salt stone Kerbl 3kg

    Based on natural selenium and zinc

    Round stone of 3kg

  • €12.95

    Stiefel linseed oil

    100% natural linseed oil. This oil has positive effects on the beauty of the coat and skin. Improves digestion and intestinal transit

    Obtained from flax seeds, cold pressed, rich in Omega 3 - fatty acid, especially alpha-linolenic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin D.

    30 - 45 ml per day (1L =up to"33 days)

    Contents: 1 l

  • €68.00

    Top CMV equin Vital'Herbs

    Top CMV is a mineral & vitamin supplement specially formulated to compensate for the deficiencies of the traditional ration (fodder and grains).

    Effective supplement with great bioavailability in the form of granules easy to distribute, with or without ration. 

    Adjusts micronutrient intakes of forage and compound feed rations. **No added iron