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  • Advent Calendar Stud Muffins
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    Advent Calendar Stud Muffins

    Who said advent calendars were for horsemen only?

    The Stud Muffins calendar is only for horses!

    With 24 boxes each containing a tasty and gourmet mini Stud Muffins treat, it will be ideal to wait until Christmas.

    Terribly tasty, they are rewards for horses containing several ingredients with beneficial properties, including flax seeds, fenugreek and whole grains. As delicious as it is nutritious!

  • €68.90

    Alusafe Dressing Tray

    Made of aluminium, very light and super strong thanks to its reinforced corners

    Convenient with several storage compartments and two adjustable partitions.

    Foam interior.

    Can be closed with a key.

    Includes: shoulder strap strap 

    40 x 30 x 30cm.

  • €44.95

    Bridon Rosemary Waldhausen

    Leather bridle from the Star collection

    - Combined muzzle

    - Right head holder

    - Curved front with pink rhinestones

    - Iron hardware with dew finish

    - Fabric reins included

    Product available with different options
  • Children’s Economic Pants
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    Children’s Economic Pants

    Bi-color riding pants

    Covalliero’s economic model 

    Comfortable and elastic cotton

    Soft faux leather panty bottom 

    Zippered pocket 

  • Dressing box sienna
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    Dressing box sienna

    Reinforced plastic dressing tray

    Can be used as a stool (max 100kg)

    With removable compartment and brush cap

  • €39.90

    Dry blanket Rubge

    Dry Polar Transport Blanket

    Very soft and very comfortable

    Machine washable at 30°

    Navy with purple or grey and black details

  • Fleece Lilli Covalliero
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    • -30%
    €39.90 -30% €27.93

    Fleece Lilli Covalliero

    Drying fleece blanket from the Lilli Starlight collection

    Pink with a star pattern

    Chest buckle and tail pass

    Fleece padding at withers

  • Halter for foal
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    €17.90 -50% €8.95

    Halter for foal

    Nylon Colt Halter

    Adjustable in 3 places

    Brass buckles and rivets

    Very resistant

  • Hipposandale Covalliero
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    Hipposandale Covalliero

    Easy to put on and maintain horse shoes

    Adjustable scratch closure

    Soft crown padding for optimal comfort

    Very sturdy, water-washable polyamide materials

    Anatomical shape and non-slip, wear and abrasion resistant (TPU) sole

    Sold by the piece 

  • Leather Draught Horse Strap
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    Leather Draught Horse Strap

    Sturdy leather strap with English buckles

    Lined muzzle and front for maximum comfort

    French muserolle with its noseband

    Sold with its leather reins
    Specially designed for draught horses

  • Leather hunting collar...
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    • -30%
    €54.90 -30% €38.43

    Leather hunting collar...

    Hunting collar with bridge

    All leather with brass buckles

    Removable martingale

  • Lilli Child Helmet
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    • -40%
    €78.30 -40% €46.98

    Lilli Child Helmet

    Riding helmet specially designed for children

    Lightweight, robust and airy

    Size 52-56: adjustable thanks to the rear caster

  • €19.90

    Lilli polar stripes

    Set of 4 polar stripes from the Lilli collection

    Washable at 30°

    Pony Size (2M)

  • €83.90

    Outdoor Imper 0gr Rugbe

    Cover designed for the outside and not to disturb the horse in its different movements

    Polyester lining to avoid friction and overheating under the cover

    Solid and waterproof material (600d)

    Reinforcement or withers, ventral straps, tail straps, quick attachment to the chest, ...

  • €4.90

    Spur protection sheath

    Soft rubber sheaths

    Protects the boot from premature wear due to friction

    Keeps spur in place more easily

    One size fits all sizes (cut off excess)


    Sold by pair, black

  • TaonX glue
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    TaonX glue

    High quality horseshoe glue, for making a cheap horseshoe trap with a bucket or ball

    Apply the glue on the support and let the flies get trapped!

    When the trap is complete, just add a new layer of glue

    Lasts up to 5 months even in the rain and high heat