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  • €5.90

    Adult Size Magic Gloves

    • One size fits all

    • with picot palm

    • Machine washable 30°C

  • €20.00

    Ail semoulette Vital'Herbs

    Garlic has been known for centuries for its broad health benefits:

    - Traffic support

    - Increases resistance

    - Improves airway function

    - More energy and greater performance

    - Helps to combat external aggression

    - Natural repellent against flying pests

  • €15.60

    Air-tech soft Ball guard...

    Anatomical Ball guard doubled in soft polar

    Optimum protection against shock and friction

    Light and airy

    Sold in pairs

  • €39.90

    Air-tech soft gaiters...

    Anatomical gaiters doubled in soft polar

    Optimum protection against shock and friction

    Light and airy

    Sold in pairs

  • €59.90

    AiRide Covalliero raw...

    The Covalliero saddle mat is an ideal alternative to the saddle.

    Designed in memory foam and mesh, for optimal weight distribution of the rider and maximum comfort for the horse.

    Thanks to its anti-slip coating and its handle that offer a good hold, your outings will be in comfort and safety!

    Thin and light carpet to enjoy the sensations of the ride without the disadvantages (hair in the thighs, etc.)

    Easy water cleaning and quick drying

    Very light to not bother the horse, 50cm seat

    Side protectors for a better hold of the carpet but also ensure the maximum comfort of the horse during the practice

  • €12.90

    andalusian stallion

    Only Andalusia on the breeding register can be considered as Pure Spanish Race (PRE).

    To be listed, a horse must be registered and approved. Approval is based on an examination of the horse, its gait and physical constitution

    14.1 x 5 x 11.5 cm

  • €22.00

    Anim'O Derm +

    100% natural spray that offers a triple action: repellent, moisturizing and cleansing!

    Ideal for small itching/ irritation due to mites or bacteria

    Antibacterial action that prevents mycosis and other viruses

    Helps in the fight against parasites such as fleas, ticks, ...

    90 ml

  • €28.00

    Anim'O Dren

    100% natural drainage, efficiency in respect of intestinal microbiota

    Eliminates waste and toxins from the whole body of the horse 

    To be used preventively mid-season (in spring and autumn), after a lower quality hay or, after taking medication for example, to boost metabolism

  • €20.00

    Anim'O Fer Lact

    Natural lactic ferments (pre and pro-biotiqes) to ensure the overall health of his companion

    Supplement to the daily ration, allows to assimilate to the maximum the vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements naturally present in the diet. Improves the general condition, boosts the digestive and immune system to be at the top of its physical and mental form.

    Suitable for all equines. Can be given throughout the year, no risk of overdose

    It is recommended to start with the maximum dose and then decrease OR to give a minimum daily dose and increase in anticipation of periods of competition/ heat/ etc

    2kg bucket, the perfect size for testing (50 to 100mg/day, minimum 10 days). Available on order in bucket of 4 or 12kg

  • €25.00

    Anim'O Selen-E

    Important contribution of selenium and vitamins E, both essential in the horse’s body

    If your horse nibbles on sand, dirt, or even licks the walls, he is most likely in need of selenium!

    In cure of 10 days maximum, then continue with the Anim'O Fer Lact for a tenfold effect

  • €11.95

    Animalintex Disinfectant...

    Impregnated with an antiseptic, the Animalintex cutting compress is a versatile dressing. Dry, it can be used as a compress, bandage or compression band.

    Used wet, it acts as a poultice. Hot, it treats abscesses, horns, ants, thorns... Cold, it is suitable for sprains, strains, bruises...

    Composition: tragacanth gum 6.02 g - boric acid 2.08 g

    Dimensions: 40 x 21 cm

  • €20.00


    Anim'O Clean is a hygiene and maintenance product for cages, poultry houses, stables, stables, pigeon houses, etc. Thanks to its formula, it:

    prevents the development of undesirable hosts;
    has a high absorption power of moisture and ammonia;
    reduces fly larvae; and
    has a 'good smell' effect thanks to the essential oils it contains.
    This product is 100% harmless to humans and animals.

  • €25.00

    anti-itch natural

    Soothes, moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis
    Anti-inflammatory action that relieves and heals insect bites
    Aid in healing and regrowth of hair and hair
    The ideal treatment against dermatitis!

    <span "'="" style="color: rgb(50, 72, 95); font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 18px; white-space: pre-wrap;" data-mce-style="color: rgb(50, 72, 95); font-family: Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 18px; white-space: pre-wrap;">100% natural

  • €18.20

    Anti-slip mat

    Anti-slip saddle mat

    For horses whose stools tend to slip

    Honeycomb texture for super aeration/ anti perspiration

    Sits directly on the back, below the carpet 

    ! Troubleshooting solution! 

    Black 60 x 45 x 0.6cm

  • €14.95

    Basic Waldhausen Cap

    Optimal comfort thanks to a soft polyester elastic fabric. Made with crochet, the front part is finished with a decorative cord in the same tones. Mesh ears for good air circulation.

  • €26.95

    Basic Waldhausen Short Strap

    Short strap with stainless steel roller buckles

    Without elastics

    Anatomical shape to avoid pressure points

  • €39.90

    Beauty Covalliero helmet

    Helmet for children

    Adjustable by caster at the rear

    Very airy

    Fixing 3 points

    Sold with its protective cover 

    S: 52 - 55

    M: 53-57

  • €24.30

    Bells with sheep

    Synthetic bells with faux sheep flange

    Double scratch for better hold

    Sold per pair

  • €20.60

    Bells with sheep Pelisa

    Durable leatherette soft bells

    Soft synthetic fur lining

    Size L

  • €17.99

    Belpolon leather grease

    Belpolon leather grease

    Classic is the versatile product

    ideal for maintaining your leather.

    It keeps the leather soft, the

    protects from water and

    tears, nourishes the leather and

    extends the life of your

    leather articles. The grease is

    made of pine resin

    natural and penetrates

    deep in leather. The

    fat is colourless, has a

    pleasant neutral smell and does not

    glue not after application.