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  • €11.90

    Adhesion Stick

    Boot glue that makes the leather non-slip and "fixes" the leg.

    Simple and effective

    Apply in circular motions

    Stick of 50ml

  • €11.50

    Anti mold for leather

    Oil-based fungicide

    Preserves from mould and fungi

    Leaves no trace and is suitable for all leathers

    After removing traces of mould, apply the product evenly with a sponge

    Nourishes, maintains and waterproofs leather

    Spray of 125ml

  • €10.90

    Effax Glycerine Soap

    Glycerine soap for cleaning leather - with sponge 

    300ml jar

  • €12.90

    Effax Leather Balm

    Effax Leather Balm Nourishes, cares and maintains in depth without damaging the seams.

    Contains mainly beeswax, but also lanolin and avocado oil.

    Leather maintained with this balm will remain supple and tear-resistant, for a better longevity.

    500ml jar

  • €13.90

    Huile pour cuir Effax

    Leather oil, with integrated brush

  • €12.90

    Leather-combi Effax

    Cleans and nourishes the leather without greasing it.

    Ideal for boots, chaps, ankle boots, ...

  • €15.90

    Leather-combi+ Effax

    Powerful leather cleaner in foam form.

    Improved formula to deep clean, sanitize and protect leather.

  • €7.90

    Shiny for boots and gaiters

    Cleans and maintains plastic and rubber

    Removes the most stubborn dirt

    Preserves colour and takes care of materials

    Remove coarse dirt with a brush and apply the product and rub with a soft cloth

    100 ml