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Stable and maintenance

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  • €19.50

    Ail semoulette Vital'Herbs

    Garlic has been known for centuries for its broad health benefits:

    - Traffic support

    - Increases resistance

    - Improves airway function

    - More energy and greater performance

    - Helps to combat external aggression

    - Natural repellent against flying pests

  • €11.95

    Animalintex Disinfectant...

    Impregnated with an antiseptic, the Animalintex cutting compress is a versatile dressing. Dry, it can be used as a compress, bandage or compression band.

    Used wet, it acts as a poultice. Hot, it treats abscesses, horns, ants, thorns... Cold, it is suitable for sprains, strains, bruises...

    Composition: tragacanth gum 6.02 g - boric acid 2.08 g

    Dimensions: 40 x 21 cm

  • €20.00


    Anim'O Clean is a hygiene and maintenance product for cages, poultry houses, stables, stables, pigeon houses, etc. Thanks to its formula, it:

    prevents the development of undesirable hosts;
    has a high absorption power of moisture and ammonia;
    reduces fly larvae; and
    has a 'good smell' effect thanks to the essential oils it contains.
    This product is 100% harmless to humans and animals.

  • €17.99

    Belpolon leather grease

    Belpolon leather grease

    Classic is the versatile product

    ideal for maintaining your leather.

    It keeps the leather soft, the

    protects from water and

    tears, nourishes the leather and

    extends the life of your

    leather articles. The grease is

    made of pine resin

    natural and penetrates

    deep in leather. The

    fat is colourless, has a

    pleasant neutral smell and does not

    glue not after application.

  • €26.99

    Belpolon leather oil

    Belpolon leather oil is the ideal product to make your leather supple by nourishing it intensively.

    The oil is made from bone oil and mineral oils. It penetrates very quickly and deeply into the leather, dries evenly and does not stick afterwards. After application, the treated leather can also be polished.

    The ideal product to make and keep the flexibility of your rigid leather 

  • €13.99

    Belpolon saddle soap

    Belpolon saddle soap

    is the ideal product for

    thoroughly clean the

    leather products. The soap of

    saddle is composed of soap

    glycerin, Belgian soap

    artisanal and oil

    natural. It has a scent

    very nice orange and

    will nourish the leather during the


    Perfectly fits the

    Stool cleaning, bridles,

    harness, riding boots,

    jackets, bags (travel),

    leather clothing and covers


  • €9.50

    BladeCool 2.0 Aeseculap

    3 in 1 technical spray: cools, oil slightly and cleans the combs instantly

    Improves mowing comfort and protects combs and cutting heads from wear

    Effectively removes hair and dirt

    Very simple use: spray on the cutting head before, during and after use

    For all brands of lawn mower


  • €5.95


    Pack of buckles for cover straps

    Each batch contains 6 pieces:

    2x male (6/3cm)

    2x female (6/3.7cm

    2x adjustment loops (6/2.4cm)

  • €14.90

    Camargue necklace

    Strong braided nylon collar

    With stainless steel buckles

    One full/cob size


  • €19.00

    Equifix Stassek

    Solid glycerine soap in screw-in jar with sponge

    Cleans and maintains all leathers

    For an optimal result, consider applying a balm after cleaning your leathers


  • F-A Spray Vital Herbs
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    F-A Spray Vital Herbs

    With its new 100% natural formula, the Fly Away Spray is even more effective and becomes a must for summer

    Repels flying pests and protects the horse from summer aggressions 

    Can be used safely on sensitive skin.

    Your horse is protected for a long time and naturally (6h)

    Apply as often as necessary

  • €215.00

    finishing mower Adelar Pro...

    Powerful and solid DC motor with 5300 rev/min and automatic speed control for constant power whatever the battery level or the type of peeling.

    Latest Lithium-ion battery technology: two batteries with a capacity of up to 120 minutes and a fast charge of 75 minutes. Three times longer battery life.

    The ergonomic design and extremely light weight guarantee work without tiring the joints. Exceptionally quiet.

    Cutting head "Diamond Blade" in stainless steel with carbon coating (integrated cutting length: 0.7 to 3mm/ fine teeth). Quick change system. Washable under water/ 40x more resistant.

    Delivery of this product can take up to 7 days

  • €145.00

    finishing mower Admire...

    Battery life 120 minutes and fast charge 80 minutes.

    Low vibration DC motor with 5300 rpm and automatic speed control for constant power regardless of battery level or peeling type.

    Low noise level.

    Operation with and wireless.

  • €59.90

    Fly blanket Rugbe

    Lightweight and durable cover designed for meadow and paddock outings

    Clear, shiny and breathable material protects against overheating

    Soft but tight mesh to protect flies without injuring

    Removable neck cover with scratch

    Chest lining, tail flap, belly straps, removable thigh straps,

  • €17.50

    Fly mask

    Insect Protection Mask

    Protects eyes and ears thanks to its very fine mesh

    Soft elastic fabric for an ideal fit and maximum comfort

    Lightweight for daily use

  • €19.90

    Garlic powder Caval'Horse

    Packed in a handy little jar to store, this garlic powder Vitanature, once assimilated by your horse acts as a natural repellent of flies, ticks and horseflies.

    The smell emitted by your frame allows you to keep insects at a distance.

    Besides its formidable effectiveness against insects, garlic acts positively on the cardiovascular system, blood circulation, cleanses the digestive and respiratory systems and ensures a depurative, vasodilative and anti-anemia action.

    Originally intended for human consumption, this product guarantees microbiological quality and maximum humidity of 6%.

    Operating instructions:

    - 20 to 25 g/day

  • €5.00

    gift card

    You want to please but you don’t know what to offer?

    The gift certificate is for you!

  • €62.00

    Greenguard Anti-scratch Basket

    The Greenguard® basket is known for its strength and excellent value for money. It has preserved the health of hundreds and even thousands of horses for several years.

    Coming from the USA, it is one of the first models of baskets to have been studied and developed for the well being of our overweight equine friends. It is also the first to have been put on the European market.

    Since 2022, possibility to add a protective and/ or restrictive plate in the bottom of the basket

    It is light, strong, resistant and airy, ideal for horses who wear it H24

    It is available in several colors (on order)

    Now your horse can enjoy his life in the meadow and his friends without putting his health at risk

  • €9.00

    GreenGuard Basket Protectors

    Neoprene protections for basket tips GREENGUARD 

    With notch to pass the straps and ensure the proper support of the protection

    Size protections = basket size!! Unavailable for MINI baskets!

    Sold by 4: a pair for the front/ rear tips and a pair for left/ right

  • €14.00

    GreenGuard Protection Plate

    Compatible with recent basket models (after 2022) - Clip into the bottom of the basket

    The protective plate (soft classic): is softer than the basket. Preserves the horse’s teeth and the basket from premature wear.

    The protective and restrictive plate (soft diet): is softer than the basket. Preserves the horse’s teeth as well as the basket from premature wear. Reduced holes to increase the effectiveness of the device. Use reserved for horses who are used to carry the basket and whose health dictates it (advanced laminitis, etc.)

    Plate size = basket size!! Not available for MINI size baskets!!