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  • €205.00

    ARTI MATRIX by Cavalor

    Supplement for bones, tendons and cartilage. 

    Cavalor Arti Matrix meets the increased nutrient requirements of the motor apparatus of sport horses that are subjected to intense activity. Improves joint suppleness. 

    Practical studies have shown that Cavalor Arti Matrix improves joint disorders and emerging hoof problems because :

    1. It provides the necessary nutrients for the joints and synovial fluid.

    2. Thanks to the optimal composition of the ingredients, the nutrients can be transported to the joints in an efficient way.

    3. It stimulates the horse's resistance so that it is more resistant to autoimmune reactions.

  • €39.90

    CALM by cavalor 800gr

    Many competition horses are unable to perform at their best due to stress. 

    CAVALOR CALM remedies this with its soothing and relaxing effect.

    For young horses and anxious horses during: breaking-in, working in unusual situations, transport, veterinary examination, dentist or the excitement of competition. 

    Instructions for use :

    2-3 days before stressful circumstances, add 3 measures (45gr) to your horse's daily ration until the morning of D-day.

    For longer term use, do not exceed 4 weeks and gradually reduce the doses before stopping completely.

    800gr jar - powder

  • €7.90

    Cavalor's crunchies

    Healthy and tasty treats without molasses

    Enriched with fiber and filled with crunchy carrot tips

    1.5kg bucket with easily resealable lid

  • €4.90

    Delizia Candies

    Very appetizing heart or star shaped treats

    Made with natural components and fruits

    Enriched with minerals and vitamins

    Bags of 600 grams

  • €4.90

    Delizia grainfree

    Gesunde und leckere Leckereien ohne Müsli für Ihr Pferd!

    3 Geschmacksrichtungen nach Wahl: Randen, Gras oder Apfel


  • €28.90


    Rapidly absorbable liquid mixture of electrolytes, minerals and vitamins  

    Helps to recover after the effort and to keep a good physical condition 

    Cavalor Electroliq Balance mixes with water or horse food: 30-50 ml/day. Maximum 100 ml per day. Appetizing taste for easy intake

     It is important that the horse has access to sufficient fresh water. 

    1000 ml bottle with measuring cap 

  • €5.50

    Fruities Cavalor 750gr

    Healthy treats for your companion

    wood fruit flavour

    Bag of 750 grams

  • €7.90

    Likit Granola

    Treat consisting of multiple whole seeds of corn, barley, wheat, oats, ...
    Very dense block that guarantees a long life even in the most greedy
    To be used in likit support or Boredom Breaker
    New packaging easy to open and 100% recyclable!
    500 gr

  • €5.90

    Likit Ice

    Refill for LIKIT supports and toys

    We can also put it in the manger!

    Composed of 100% Himalayan salt, which brings minerals and trace elements to your horse


  • €3.90

    Likit refill 250gr

    Refill for Likit toys

    Block of 250gr

  • €5.90

    Likit refill 650gr

    Refill for Likit toys

    Block of 650gr

  • €5.20


    Tasty heart-shaped treats, to reward your horse or just to please him.

    Apple-cinnamon or mint-eucalyptus flavour.

    Compatible with Snack-a-Ball to stimulate your horse.

    In 500gr bag.

    Variations: apple-cinnamon, mint and eucalyptus.

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