Treats and rewards

Treats and rewards

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  • €7.90

    Cavalor's crunchies

    Healthy and tasty treats without molasses

    Enriched with fiber and filled with crunchy carrot tips

    1.5kg bucket with easily resealable lid

  • €4.90

    Delizia Candies

    Very appetizing heart or star shaped treats

    Made with natural components and fruits

    Enriched with minerals and vitamins

    Bags of 600 grams

  • €4.90

    Delizia grainfree

    Gesunde und leckere Leckereien ohne Müsli für Ihr Pferd!

    3 Geschmacksrichtungen nach Wahl: Randen, Gras oder Apfel


  • €5.50

    Fruities Cavalor 750gr

    Healthy treats for your companion

    wood fruit flavour

    Bag of 750 grams

  • €7.90

    Likit Granola

    Treat consisting of multiple whole seeds of corn, barley, wheat, oats, ...
    Very dense block that guarantees a long life even in the most greedy
    To be used in likit support or Boredom Breaker
    New packaging easy to open and 100% recyclable!
    500 gr

  • €5.90

    Likit Ice

    Refill for LIKIT supports and toys

    We can also put it in the manger!

    Composed of 100% Himalayan salt, which brings minerals and trace elements to your horse


  • €3.90

    Likit refill 250gr

    Refill for Likit toys

    Block of 250gr

  • €5.90

    Likit refill 650gr

    Refill for Likit toys

    Block of 650gr

  • €5.20


    Tasty heart-shaped treats, to reward your horse or just to please him.

    Apple-cinnamon or mint-eucalyptus flavour.

    Compatible with Snack-a-Ball to stimulate your horse.

    In 500gr bag.

    Variations: apple-cinnamon, mint and eucalyptus.

    Product available with different options
  • €1.90


    Likit's Treat Bar treats come in the form of a chocolate bar that can be cut into small squares.

    Available in three variations (apple, banana and carrot), it's a practical way to try new flavours!

    Individually wrapped in a practical, resealable package.

  • €5.90

    Likit treat bars value pack

    Pack of 4 Likit bars

    Contents: 1x mint / 1x apple / 1x carrot / 1x cherry

  • €6.50

    Likit Winter Edition

    Refill for LIKIT stand or toy

    Winter special edition

    Block of 650 grams